Meet Our APPs: Maria Witt, FNP-C

We are pleased to present the next in our weekly series introducing you to Internal Medicine’s Advanced Practice Providers. In addition to sharing information about where they work in the department, we asked them each to tell us a little bit about their “Why” (the sustaining pull for their work) and what relaxes them. (Read previous weeks’ installments.)

Maria Witt, FNP-C
General Internal Medicine

Service: MAPPS, Medical Observation Unit, Presurgical Evaluation Clinic

Years with Internal Medicine: 1.5 years

Longest place I have ever lived: Iowa City transplant

My “WHY”: I wanted to be in healthcare as I saw my stepdad struggle with multiple comorbidities and having cohesive care. I find satisfaction in being able to help my patients understand their disease process and how one condition affects another.

What relaxes me: Spending time with my family, reading and drinking a great cup of coffee

Maria is an exceptional clinician, displaying excellent clinical knowledge and delivering compassionate care, as well as being a natural leader.

–Kevin Glenn, MD

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