Troy Rhodes, MD, 1970–2022

The following is a message from Isabella Grumbach, MD, PhD, Interim Chair and DEO of Internal Medicine, sent to the department last week.

I have the sad duty to share with you news that Dr. Troy Rhodes passed away earlier this week. Dr. Rhodes had recently joined the cardiovascular medicine faculty at University of Wisconsin after nearly six years with us at Iowa as a clinical cardiac electrophysiologist. His tenure in the Heart & Vascular Center at UI Health Care and on faculty in our department was productive and inspiring to colleagues, who enjoyed and appreciated working alongside him and learning from him. He never stopped looking for smarter and more efficient ways of delivering care to everyone who came through our doors.

Cedar Memorial published the family’s obituary for Rhodes in advance of services on Sunday afternoon, July 17. Here is an excerpt:

He was able to perform challenging procedures with a level of intellect and calm focus that afforded his patients comfort in their most vulnerable moments.  He treated his patients like family and was the brilliant and conscientious physician we would all be fortunate to know. He was always ready with a one-liner to bring a laugh and smile to those he interacted with. His co-workers felt valued, and he never shied away from an opportunity to help those in need; he was a true leader. His career was devoted to research to improve patient care, the effectiveness and safety of cardiac devices, and training clinical cardiac electrophysiology fellows, cardiology fellows and internal medicine residents.

Staff and faculty at University of Iowa Health Care’s Heart and Vascular Center, where Rhodes spent the majority of his time with us, assembled a memorial for colleagues on campus. Guests were invited to hear from Cardiovascular Division Director Barry London, MD, PhD, as well as a representative from the UI COPE team. Guests were also asked to write down memories of Rhodes on cards that will be added to a book and presented to family at Sunday’s services.

During the event, a slideshow of photos supplied by family and friends, interspersed with quotes from colleagues, was on display.

Comments from colleagues:

“Dr. Rhodes was one of the best teachers and provider that I have ever worked with.”
–Sierra Charnowski

“Dr. Rhodes was a brilliant clinician who cared for his patients, and they cared for him.”
–Alicia Messer

“I start to tear up when I think about him being gone, but I know he is looking at me right now and saying ‘Good God, I will never have to watch Angie to another 10 lead EKG’!”
–Angie Sprouse

“In Troy’s passing, I lost more than an amazing colleague; I lost a dear friend”
–Kari Seidl

“I owe Dr. Rhodes for inspiring me to pursue a career in EP and advocating for me. He was a brilliant clinician and proceduralist and someone I have tried to emulate in my training. I am very grateful for the time I got to work with him as a fellow. He was incredibly helpful as a mentor! His career advice along with his characteristic sense of humor and ability to poke fun at everything and everyone will be cherished. I hope he rests in peace and his family is able to grow past this tremendous loss.”
— Dr. Arooj Khan

“Dr. Rhodes taught me a lot of things, but probably the most important was to take true ownership over each patient’s care.  He was heavily invested in ensuring each of his patients received the most appropriate and best care.”
— Dr. Tyler Rasmussen

In lieu of flowers, the family asks that any donations in remembrance of Troy’s life be directed to a memorial fund established through

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