Meet Your Interns 2022, Part 4

We are proud to present the incoming Intern Class of 2022. We wanted to take the opportunity to go a little past the names and faces and learn a couple things about them. We asked them each to tell us about why they chose Internal Medicine at Iowa for their residency. And, now that they have been here a month or so, what they like about living in Iowa City or working at University of Iowa Health Care. We will introduce them a few at a time each week for the next couple months. Welcome to Iowa!

Halie Burdick, MD

Hometown: Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Medical school: University of South Dakota Sanford School of Medicine

“Why Iowa”: Iowa provided the opportunity to learn in an academic atmosphere that is filled with friendly staff who are eager to teach. Each interaction I had throughout the interview day confirmed that Iowa was and is the best place for me to train.

What I like about Iowa City: I have enjoyed all the outdoor activities available, especially the bike path, and exploring the restaurant options that Iowa City and the surrounding cities have to offer!

Trenton Greif, MD

Hometown: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Medical school: University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine

“Why Iowa”: As someone who had four years to experience life at Iowa as a medical student, it is truly difficult to point out any downsides to training here. All those I have interacted with, from faculty to nurses to fellow students/residents, have been wholeheartedly supportive and genuinely kind. Iowa might be considered a “hidden gem” in terms of the value of education one can find here. As a university town, Iowa City is home to students who travel from around the world, which adds to the diversity found here and enriches your experience as a learner. Iowa is also a great place to help further the care for individuals underserved in medicine—especially from rural communities.

What I like about Iowa City: Iowa City is often cited as a small city but quantity should not be mistaken for quality. There exists something for everyone but without the bustle of a larger city.

Darlene Julian, MD

Hometown: Auburn, California

Medical school: University of Nevada Las Vegas School of Medicine

“Why Iowa”: Excited to live in the Midwest, and experience so much greenery in the summer.

What I like about Iowa City: I love gardening and working with my horses. The weather has been so great, and I love spending time outdoors here.


Kimiya Nourian, MD

Hometown: Salt Lake City, Utah

Medical school: University of Utah

“Why Iowa”: Well-known academic center with strong clinical training, culture of collaboration and growth mindset, and focused on medical education.

What I like about Iowa City: I’ve loved how green it is here, so many trees! Cute and easy city to live in, close access to lakes. Have really enjoyed hanging out with co-residents at local breweries and restaurants!

Patrick Watson, MD

Hometown: South Bend, Indiana

Medical school: Indiana University School of Medicine

“Why Iowa”: First and foremost, it’s the people. I had a great first impression of the program from both my interactions with the faculty and residents. Now that I am several months into residency, I can comfortably say that it has lived up to and exceeded my expectations.

What I like about Iowa City: Downtown is very active with live music and shows on the weekends. Wide variety of breweries, restaurants, and things to do. Also, the University of Iowa gyms are nice and have everything you need for a good workout, and the outdoor trails are beautiful!

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