ACP Resident Clinical Vignette Competition, 2022

Physicians must be able to present a case efficiently and with expertise. Clinical experiences lead to research and to deeper understanding and communicating that to peers expands the benefits gained from one to many. This in part is why the American College of Physicians (ACP) hosts a clinical vignette competition each year, to give physicians the chance to learn from each other, both in terms of the experiences they have had, but also how those experiences can better be described.

The national ACP competition features the best presentation from each state’s residency programs. Iowa’s four internal medicine residency programs will face off later in October during this year’s Progress CME event. In years past, it was held during the state ACP chapter meeting, but Progress organizers asked if they would be willing to increase the audience. The winners will present on the afternoon of October 27, at the Hyatt Regency in Coralville. (Register to attend today!)

But first, one of two dozen residents had to be chosen to represent the University of Iowa. Last week in concurrent sessions, the resident presenters walked audience members, colleagues, and judges through case presentations as varied as the types of patients who come through the doors of University of Iowa Health Care. Ten minutes were allotted to each for the most salient details, the resulting diagnosis and treatment, instruction and take-home points. An additional five minutes allowed the judges to dig a little deeper and press the resident on just how extensive their research and analysis was. The titles in the clickable image below should give a hint at the broad scope.

Everything from large masses in chest CTs to hypercalcemia to multiple cases of Lyme disease was on display. In each case the resident gave insights to their thought process, their research findings, and the results of the case that sparked their curiosity. And their curiosity came through in their presentations, offering tips to their audience about things to be suspicious of in the future or introducing new avenues for further research.

After the judges compiled their assessments of all 29 presentations, four winners emerged with another week to wait before facing off at Monday’s noon conference this week.

PGY-3 Taylor Cox, MD: Paranoia and Dysautonomia
Mentor: Katherine Harris, MD (Division of General Internal Medicine)

PGY-2 Haley Pysick, MD: Of Bellies and Bone Marrow
Mentor: Matthew Soltys, MD (Division of General Internal Medicine)

PGY-2 Cory Wilson, MD, PhD: Thin Air: Into the Thick of PPFE
Mentor: Lakshmi Durairaj, MD, MS (Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care, and Occupational Medicine)

PGY-2 Lauren Zabel, MD: More Than Just a Cough
Mentor: Carly Kuehn, MD (Division of General Internal Medicine)

“All of the presentations were excellent,” Vice Chair for Education and Residency Program Director Manish Suneja, MD, wrote later that afternoon. They demonstrated “the best of our residency program.” He expressed his gratitude to all the mentors who worked with these residents on their presentations. Suneja was “delighted” to announce that the judges had reached a decision and Wilson’s presentation “Thin Air: Into the Thick of PPFE” on pleuroparenchymal fibroelastosis, a rare pulmonary fibrosis, was the winner.

Suneja expressed his gratitude to the “fabulous moderators”–Chief Residents Ahmed Abdelhamid, MD, and Mackenzie Hines, MD–as well as to Cindy Batzkiel and Abbey Gilpin for organizing the competition and making it a “huge success.” Suneja also expressed his gratitude to the judges for taking the time “from their busy schedule to help judge this competition.

Jacob Hodges
Matthew Soltys
Jennifer Strouse
Joseph Szot
Raul Villacreses Rada
Andrea Weber

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