Kraus named Advanced Practice Clinician of the Year

Since expanding in 2011 to cover the entire Carver College of Medicine, the University of Iowa Physicians (UIP) Clinical Awards has honored providers in six categories. This year, a seventh category was added, the Advanced Practice Clinician of the Year Award, and its inaugural winner is Sara Kraus, ARNP, DNP.

This award is given to an advanced practice provider that most embodies those aspects of a truly great patient service provider, including technical skill, humanism to patients and families, collaboration with colleagues, and advocacy.

In an event earlier this week, the UIP announced the winners of this and the other six categories.

Joel Kline, MD, pulmonologist and Kraus’s colleague in UI Health Care’s Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (OPD) and Interstitial Lung Disease (ILD) clinics, cited her influence in the success of both those subspecialty clinics. Specifically, she has been responsible for identifying patients with asthma and COPD who are eligible for biologic therapies, which are only offered at this institution in the state. Dozens have people have been evaluated and 8 procedures have been conducted on individuals meeting the narrow qualifications for this treatment. “Given the complexities to qualify,” Kline wrote, “the only way that we have been able to offer this procedure is by Sara organizing the evaluation process and managing patients throughout the process.” He goes on to describe her impact on the ILD clinics:

In addition to gaining substantial knowledge and expertise in the complex manifestations and management of ILD patients, she has been at the center of developing and implementing various protocols including drug monitoring protocols, complex order sets, and coordination with the various subspecialists that are essential for the management of ILD patients. She is always striving to improve her knowledge and skills; she is not shy to ask questions and seek advice when needed, she attends and contributes to our weekly clinical case conference.

Kline also cites her leadership in establishing a new lung cancer screening program, the data from which is eligible for inclusion in a national database with strict requirements. Her leadership and organization have led to more than 700 people being screened, 75% of whom have returned for annual examinations, well above national averages. Kline concludes by citing her humanism, empathy, and professionalism, all of which the UIP selection committee agreed more than qualified her for this award.



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