Recognizing Teaching Excellence

Learners in the Carver College of Medicine are invited to provide examples of effective teaching at the end of each rotation. Read what our trainees recently had to say about Internal Medicine educators below. The first two were submitted in June, at the end of the previous academic year. Read previous submissions.

Milena Gebska, MD, PhD, MME, Clinical Associate Professor, Cardiovascular Medicine
Submitted by Akanksha Aggarwal

  • Asked me questions about my patient.
  • Showed my learning points at the bedside.
  • Valued my opinion.

Andrew D. Bryant, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor, General Internal Medicine
Submitted by Kyle Jackson

Every day on my general inpatient internal medicine rotation, Dr. Bryant would pick a new topic to discuss during rounds. For example, one day was medication side effects of various medications that our patients were taking. Another day was physical exam skills and abnormal physical exam findings. He would always pick a topic and make an effort to teach the students and residents during rounds. In the afternoon, he would ask me and the other medical student to choose a topic we were interested in learning about and then would spend 10 to 20 minutes teaching every afternoon about various topics. For example, we learned about altered mental status, pancreatitis, diuretics and renal function, and so on. Dr. Bryant made a clear effort to teach us every day!

Jeff Wilson, MD, Clinical Professor, Pulmonary, Critical Care and Occupational Medicine
Submitted by Rebecca Lank

Dr. Wilson helped me work through new patients in a collaborative way, building my confidence in clinical thinking. When there were important teaching topics related to the patients we saw, he would discuss the broader topic and also followed up with me after clinic by sending helpful review articles. I also got the sense that Dr. Wilson really enjoyed his career, and this positivity was contagious. It was fun working up complex patient presentations.

Jordan Peterson, MD, Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor, Unity Point Health
Submitted by Jacob Katzer

  • Took time to discuss latest evidence regarding patient care.
  • Gave personalized feedback continually throughout the rotation.
  • Provided an example of excellent, patient centered care.

Tyler Bullis, MD, Chief Resident, Internal Medicine
Submitted by Sanika

His lessons over the noon hour are always the most engaging.

Rolando Sanchez, MD, Clinical Associate Professor, Pulmonary, Critical Care and Occupational Medicine
Submitted by Alex Belzer

  • assigning landmark studies to read in the setting of relevant clinical contexts
  • debating merits of different treatments in a manner which invoked curiosity

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