Leadership Opportunity at the Iowa City VAMC: VA Quality Scholars Senior Scholar/Program Co-Director

The Iowa City VAMC has a premier training program dedicated to producing future leaders in healthcare quality and safety. The VA Quality Scholars (VAQS) program is a 2-year fellowship to train physicians, nurses, pharmacists, psychologists, and other clinicians in Quality, Safety, and Implementation & Health Services Research. Originally developed at the Dartmouth Institute, the VAQS program is now in its 24th year and continues to expand as it serves a vital role in training clinicians for research and implementation careers in academic medicine and health systems with a focus on improving healthcare.

The Iowa City VAMC will provide 12.5% support (1/8) for an individual to provide VAQS Senior Physician Scholar/Program Co-Director leadership for the VAQS program. Required qualifications include: prior training in quality and safety, mentoring experience in the area of quality improvement, and a demonstrated track record of peer-reviewed publications in quality improvement. Prior/current grant support in quality improvement or implementation science is desired. Formal training in medical education (e.g., Masters in  Medical Education), prior knowledge of the VA healthcare system, and a background in informatics and data science (i.e., advanced knowledge of SQL) are favored. Candidates are expected to have at least 3 to 5 years post-graduate training. The Program Co-Director will work with the current Physician and Nurse Directors to lead the Iowa City VAQS site. Expectations of the Senior Scholar include participating in:

  • Recruitment of Fellows
  • Provision of direct mentorship and/or facilitation of mentoring for fellows
  • Attendance at one national meeting for the program (travel support provided by the VA when available)
  • Preparation of an annual summary report
  • Facilitation of new fellow onboarding (typically late June/July)
  • Participation in didactic sessions and regular meetings with fellows (Friday 11:45 am – 3 pm)
  • Management of the IC VAQS program and development of local curriculum
  • Assistance with grant preparation if program sites are recompeted
  • Coordination with quality improvement programs at the Iowa City VAMC

Support for the position is contingent upon annual funding from the VA and will be re-evaluated on an annual basis. Appointment is subject to approval of the Specialty Medicine Service Line at the Iowa City VAHCS and of VA Office of Academic Affiliations.

Questions about the position: Please contact Melissa Swee, MD, at melissa.swee@va.gov

To apply, send current CV and a one-page letter of interest to melissa.swee@va.gov by 7/1/2023.

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  1. […] Finally, one last note to highlight a leadership opportunity for faculty who want to work with fellows. The VA Quality Scholars Program has been an important training ground for those interested in quality improvement, patient safety, and health care delivery in general. Recently, Nephrology’s Dr. Melissa Swee stepped into the program leadership role after Dr. Hilary Mosher led it so ably for so long. Dr. Swee is now advertising for a Program Co-Director and the application window closes in just a couple weeks. If you are interested and meet the requirements, you should consider applying. More details are here. […]

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