Jamie Paul named Administrator for the Division of General Internal Medicine

Jamie Paul has been appointed  the new Division Administrator for the Division of General Internal Medicine, effective July 1. She assumed responsibility for the division’s clinical and financial activities from Kristin Goedken, who served in the role for 8 years and has since assumed the position of Associate Clinical Department Administrator. Serving as General Internal Medicine’s Division Coordinator for an equivalent amount of time, Ms. Paul brings a wealth of experience to her new position.

A graduate of the University of Iowa, Ms. Paul worked in the Registrar’s Office in the UI College of Law for a time before moving on to work with educational publisher Pearson in Iowa City. During her time there, she served as a scoring center director and successfully managed a project launch in Nashville. In 2015, she joined the Department of Internal Medicine’s largest division, where she quickly established herself as an integral team member.

In her previous role, her diverse responsibilities encompassed numerous division activities. She skillfully handled the scheduling of various meetings, oversaw faculty and staff recruitment, managed the on-boarding process for new hires, and ensured the division remained compliant with departmental, college, and university requirements. Additionally, she provided valuable guidance to faculty members throughout their promotions and reappointments and curated a monthly newsletter highlighting division news, publications, and grant achievements.

Interim Division Director Kevin Glenn, MD, MS, said, “Jamie’s dedication, commitment, and exceptional work ethic have made an impact on our division’s growth and success. Now, she is ready to embrace this new challenge, focusing on enhancing team cohesiveness and driving the continued success of our division.”

Ms. Paul said she is thrilled about the increased level of responsibility in her new role. “This division means a lot to me. Our team makes significant contributions to our local communities through our primary care outpatient clinics, as well as our inpatient hospital services and compassionate supportive and palliative care. In addition to their commitment to patients, our faculty and staff play pivotal roles in shaping the next generation of healthcare providers. I have been fortunate as well to have formed a close working relationship with our research team, whose international and national impact is one that I am in awe of. I am very proud to be part of a team contributing so significantly to every facet of healthcare. I eagerly embrace the opportunity to contribute to the continued growth and success of our extraordinary team.”

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