Allergy / Immunology, Endocrinology, and Rheumatology Fellows Graduation, 2019

As with last year the Divisions of Immunology and of Endocrinology and Metabolism combined their respective fellowship graduations into one event. A ballroom in the Coralville Marriott was carefully prepared to handle the influx of the two divisions’ worth of guests. But before attendees even entered they were greeted with displays honoring each of that […]

Nephrology Fellows Graduation, 2019

Members of every division in Internal Medicine will rightly say that they view their colleagues like family. In the face of the kinds of challenges they face daily the development of these bonds are inevitable. But in the Division of Nephrology, it is not just co-workers who get treated like family. Their co-workers’ families get […]

Pulmonary Disease and Critical Care Medicine Fellows Graduation, 2019

Sirens went off, but it was because of an impending severe thunderstorm, not because of the Elton John parody lyrics. Last weekend, the Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care, and Occupational Medicine hosted its annual celebration of both its graduating fellows and division successes at Brown Deer Golf Club in neighboring Coralville. Faculty, staff, family, and […]

Cardiology Fellows Graduation, 2019

“In 10 years, in 20 years, when their names come up, when Iowa’s name comes up, I will always be proud to say I trained there, that I trained with my fellow graduates.” Oluwaseun Adeola, MB, ChB, MPH, said this during the formal recognition of that evening’s graduates in the ballroom of the Hilton Garden […]

Internal Medicine Residents Graduation, 2019

During his opening remarks, Manish Suneja, MD, Director of the Internal Medicine Residency Program, asked family members–moms, dads, spouses–of this year’s graduating class of residents to stand for recognition. Some of the loudest applause of the evening followed. It was, Suneja said, an acknowledgment that as much as the evening’s honorees deserved congratulations, they did […]

Gastroenterology Fellowship Graduation, 6/1/19

Graduation Season 2019 is underway and the Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology has set the bar high for all the other divisions and fellowship programs in the department. On a sunny Saturday evening, with a view of the nearly complete north end of Kinnick Stadium, friends, family, and colleagues gathered to congratulate four individuals who […]

Farewell from our 2018-19 Chief Residents

Before chief year started, someone told us, “The days will be long but the year will be short.” As we type up this farewell, we couldn’t agree more. Some of our long days included changing the 6RC call schedule right before July 1st, prepping for Monday and Friday recruitment lectures, and waiting for Dr. Smock to […]

FACE Class of 2019

Though the medical school and residency programs may grab more attention by volume, a quiet but unique class of graduates has also matriculated. Members of the Faculty/Fellows as Clinician Educators (FACE) Program were awarded their certificates of completion last week. In a collaboration between the department and the Office of Consultation and Research in Medical […]