Updates in Infectious Diseases, 04/28/23

Continuing medical education events are great ways for clinicians and researchers to exchange ideas. Presenters combine their clinical experience with extensive review of the current literature and distill it into key takeaways for attendees. That audience responds with feedback in the form of focused questions and by making it clear to presenters and organizers what […]

21st Annual Update in Infectious Diseases, 4/26/19

It is rare for a CME event to have connections to a number of other events happening around the university and Iowa City community, but big anniversaries are rare too. Because the 30th anniversary of the founding of the HIV/AIDS clinic at University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics landed in the same month as this […]

Highlights from the 20th Annual Update in Infectious Diseases

This year’s well-attended conference struck a balance between broad-interest topics for the larger group and more narrowly focused ones for smaller groups. In the morning, Dr. Bradley Allen addressed the opioid epidemic in Indiana. Dr. Margo Schilling provided updates in adult immunization and Dr. Daniel Fulton targeted updates a primary care provider would need to […]

Highlights from the 19th Annual Update in Infectious Diseases

Zika, infections in geriatric patients, HIV treatments, Iowa outbreaks. All of these topics and more were on the table at Friday’s day-long conference sponsored by the Division of Infectious Diseases. A wide variety of specialists from around the country and this institution were invited by conference organizers. The day began by demonstrating that antibiotic stewardship […]