The Chiefs’ Grand Rounds 2019

An annual tradition provides each year’s four Chief Residents a shared Grand Rounds session in the spring. A significant portion of a Chief’s responsibility is education, so one rarely leaves a session surprised at how well and efficiently they deliver tightly packaged instruction with humor and charisma.

Before this year’s Chief Residents kept that streak going, Manish Suneja, MD, Internal Medicine Residency Program Director, presented the Education Awards. Another annual tradition, these awards are voted on by the residents themselves and so carry a special weight. Aided by Chair and DEO E. Dale Abel, MD, PhD, Suneja announced this year’s winners before asking them to come down for a photo and their certificate.


After a presentation of personalized clocks (“So they will be on time for once,” Suneja joked.) and one more photo, it was time for the Chiefs’ presentations.

In “Crescents and Overlaps,” Carolyn Hilliard, MD, described the differences between nephrotic and nephritic syndromes. Nicole Grogan, MD, demonstrated the importance of histories and physical exams when presented with mononeuropathy multiplex in “A Curious Case of Weakness and Fatigue.” The Chief Resident for Quality and Safety, Jennifer Langstengel, MD, presented a process case study in which a standardized solution for ensuring safe administration of epinephrine was sought for in in-hospital anaphylaxis events. Bryce Duchman, MD, finished the hour with updates on the sources of hepatic fluid collections and the variety of treatments.


A few more photos and congratulations from proud mentors and other faculty followed the hour and then it was time to document one more important component in the life of the Chief Resident: getting coffee from the Java House with the Program Director. Suneja confided that since the PBDB spot became their sole location, he has had no trouble “getting in his steps” each day. That long walk also affords him a little more time with the 2018-19 Chief Residents before their term ends next month.




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