ACP Resident Clinical Vignette Competition, 2022

Physicians must be able to present a case efficiently and with expertise. Clinical experiences lead to research and to deeper understanding and communicating that to peers expands the benefits gained from one to many. This in part is why the American College of Physicians (ACP) hosts a clinical vignette competition each year, to give physicians […]

ACP Resident Clinical Vignette Competition, 2021

Inevitably, every year, a faculty member can be overheard saying the same thing to a colleague: “I always learn something new at these.” This year was no different as the final round of the American College of Physicians (ACP) Clinical Vignette Competition wrapped up and the judges began their deliberation. As with years past, that […]

ACP Resident Clinical Vignette Competition, 2020

Strange fungi, cardiovascular complications from a mitral valve placement, ascites, kidney failure, seemingly origin-less fevers, and even a debit card swipe in a tissue box. Every year, dozens of residents deliver tight ten-minute reports on some of the most mysterious cases they have witnessed on service in University of Iowa Health Care. These presentations are […]

ACP Resident Clinical Vignette Competition, 2019

“I always learn something at these,” Scott Vogelgesang, MD, said as residents, medical students, and faculty took their seats in the Bean Conference Room last week. Heads within earshot of this observation nodded in agreement. A collection of often obscure, usually surprising, and always well-researched presentations were about to be delivered. Every year, the American […]

ACP Resident Clinical Vignette Competition, 2018

Clinicians rely on their colleagues to share the stories of what they encounter in their work. Individuals cannot read nearly enough to be prepared for every illness, presentation, or combination of factors that might appear. Oral case reports then become a critical means not only to understand the specific ways that textbook conditions can appear […]

ACP Resident Clinical Vignette Competition, 2017

The artfully delivered case report is a valuable method of communicating discovery and caution to colleagues. Ensuring residents hone this skill, in part, is the aim of the Clinical Vignette Competition sponsored by the American College of Physicians. The Iowa Chapter of ACP hosted its competition in order to decide which finalist to send to […]

ACP Resident Clinical Vignette Competition

“As I was preparing, I was trying to think: what am I most interested in about this case?” First-year resident Dr. Jenny Strouse said during the question-and-answer session following her case report titled “Short of Breath and Blood.” Dr. Strouse’s was one of 25 presentations delivered on Wednesday afternoon before a panel of faculty judges […]