2021 Newly Promoted Professors and Associate Professors

Even as University of Iowa Health Care continues to weather a rise in COVID-19 infections, our faculty members continue to excel. Within the clinic and the classroom, from telemedicine visits to international research conferences, our faculty members manage a combination of research, education, and clinical responsibilities. In addition to all of that, these twenty faculty […]

The Personal Statement for Promotion Dossiers

Hopefully you found some helpful tips for updating your CV after the last few posts, whether for promotion or just for general updating. For those faculty currently working on promotion materials, let’s take a look at the personal statement. Peter Snyder, MD, associate dean for faculty affairs and development, advises that “the personal statement is the most […]

2019 Newly Promoted Associate Professors

Out of a consideration for time, Lois Geist, MD, associate dean for Faculty Affairs and Development, said that she would keep her descriptions of member successes brief. But, she made clear, that brevity in no way should diminish the hard work and tremendous achievements of those being honored that afternoon. Unlike the celebration of the […]

2019 Newly Promoted Professors

In the atrium of the Eckstein Medical Research Building, in front of the newly christened Wall of Scholarship, 19 faculty members in the Roy J. and Lucille A. Carver College of Medicine received their due recognition for a career excelling in service of academic medicine. Two of those 19 are members of Internal Medicine, Krista […]

2018 Newly Promoted Associate Professors

As with August’s recognition of our newly promoted Professors, the Carver College of Medicine held a reception in the hospital’s seventh-floor Atrium to formally recognize a significant milestone. Nearly 50 faculty members from 18 departments within the college demonstrated the scholarship and service necessary to rise to this next level this year. After a brief […]

2018 Newly Promoted Professors

It is tradition in the Carver College of Medicine that faculty, friends, and family gather and celebrate the achievement of a significant career milestone, promotion to professor. Last week, on the seventh floor of the hospital, in the Atrium, Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Development Dr. Lois Geist presented 29 faculty members with their […]

2017 Newly Promoted Associate Professors

Just as with last month’s event, the Carver College of Medicine again invited friends and colleagues to recognize those faculty members who had been promoted from Assistant to Associate Professor. As the early morning sun lit the East Room, Vice President of Medical Affairs and Dean of the College Dr. Jean Robillard welcomed everyone and […]

2017 Newly Promoted Professors

The first of two events recognizing the achievements of members of the Carver College of Medicine was held last week. On the seventh floor, in the Atrium, Vice President of Medical Affairs and Dean of the College Dr. Jean Robillard and Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Development Dr. Lois Geist presented those faculty members […]