Our department by the numbers

We live in a world where we are inundated by data. It is easy for data to become background noise, but a few recent pieces of data confirm our department’s remarkable growth. The first number is 30,000. Our clinical faculty and other providers will tell you that more people are coming through their clinics every […]

Cardiovascular Medicine holiday party, 1/24/20

Although last Friday evening was far enough away from the holiday season for the Iowa River Power Restaurant to have already taken down its decorations, the members of the Division of Cardiovascular Medicine—staff, researchers, faculty, and fellows alike—were still in a celebratory mood. Unlike last year, the snow was not falling at a steady clip […]

Trends and Outcomes of Atrial Fibrillation-Flutter Hospitalizations Among Heart Transplant Recipients (From the National Inpatient Sample)

Article: Trends and Outcomes of Atrial Fibrillation-Flutter Hospitalizations Among Heart Transplant Recipients (From the National Inpatient Sample) Authors: Dinesh Voruganti, MD, Ghanshyam Shantha, MD, MPH, Sushma Dugyala, MD, Naga Venkata Krishna Pothineni, MD, Kanishk Agnihotri, MD, Behnam Bozorgnia, MD, Aman Amanullah, MD, Michael Giudici, MD, Alexandros Briasoulis, MD, PhD Journal: Am J Cardiol 2020;125:87−91 Abstract: […]

Gehlbach wins Collegiate Teaching Award

Potpourri is usually a mixture of dried fruits and plants placed in a bowl to create a natural fragrance, but in Internal Medicine, Potpourri is the name of a pulmonary conference that addresses a diverse set of patient issues and unique diagnostic techniques. This conference challenges trainees to tackle unique medical cases, but it is […]

Our commitment to diversity

Ten years ago, the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), the national medical school accrediting body, directed institutions to increase the level of diversity in our programs, by working to attract and enroll greater numbers of women and minorities into our profession. Progress has been slow, however. Even as of last year, the most recently […]

Tamplin featured in Dare to Discover campaign

Michelle Tamplin, a Free Radical and Radiation Biology graduate student research assistant in the lab of Isabella Grumbach, MD, PhD, earned a spot among 45 other graduate and undergraduate students in the Office of the Vice President of Research’s (OVPR) Dare to Discover banner campaign. Tamplin’s banner will be on display in downtown Iowa City on […]

Gurung receives developmental grant to explore mechanisms in rare skin disorders

Prajwal Gurung, PhD, assistant professor in Infectious Diseases, has received a $250,000 two-year R21 from the National Institutes of Health. Gurung will study a spectrum of rare skin disorders known as neutrophilic dermatosis, which are visually diagnosed by skin lesions filled with neutrophils. “The treatment options for these rare diseases are limited to the use […]

Calciphylaxis: Approach to Diagnosis and Management

Article: Calciphylaxis: Approach to Diagnosis and Management Authors: Harish Seethapathy and Lama Noureddine Journal: Adv Chronic Kidney Dis. 2019 Nov;26(6):484-490 Abstract: Calciphylaxis is a rare disorder of poor prognosis that can lead to intense, painful lesions involving the skin and subcutaneous tissue. Although mostly described in dialysis patients, it can affect patients with normal kidney […]

Hinton earns NIDDK presentation award

Antentor O. Hinton Jr., PhD, Burroughs Wellcome and Ford Fellow postdoctoral research fellow in the lab of E. Dale Abel, MD, PhD, received a Basic Science Research Award during the NIDDK’s Network of Minority Health Research Investigators (NMHRI) Midwest Regional Workshop. Hinton’s presentation aims to identify the insulin signals that regulate the gene OPA1 in […]