Singh’s VARA Site Top Enroller

Dr. Namrata Singh has been the PI of the Iowa City Veterans Affairs Rheumatoid Arthritis (VARA) registry since May 2015. She took over this role from Dr. Elizabeth Field, who is still actively involved in the registry. Under Dr. Singh’s leadership and with the instrumental support of research coordinator Munazza Fatima, Iowa City’s contribution to […]

Rahmouni Honored by International Society of Hypertension

Kamal Rahmouni, PhD, Professor of Pharmacology and Internal Medicine, has been awarded the 2016 Paul Korner Award by the International Society of Hypertension (ISH). The award, presented to Rahmouni at the ISH Awards Ceremony and Presidential Lecture on Sept. 28 in Seoul, South Korea, recognizes scientists who have made outstanding contributions to hypertension research in […]

ACP Resident Clinical Vignette Competition

“As I was preparing, I was trying to think: what am I most interested in about this case?” First-year resident Dr. Jenny Strouse said during the question-and-answer session following her case report titled “Short of Breath and Blood.” Dr. Strouse’s was one of 25 presentations delivered on Wednesday afternoon before a panel of faculty judges […]

The Broad Scope of Internal Medicine Research

An essential component of our role as academic physicians is to promote a culture of research and inquiry among our students. In addition to providing compassionate and cutting-edge care for our patients, we must also nurture our skills in the laboratory. To this end, the Carver College of Medicine hosts Medical Student Research Day, providing […]

Farewell to Diane Phillips

The Department said good-bye to one of its longest serving members last week. For more than 45 years, Diane Phillips worked behind the scenes keeping the Division of Cardiovascular Medicine on course. In particular, she worked alongside Dr. Richard Kerber, who offered a couple very specific examples of how her organizational skills saved him. One […]

IntMed Adjunct’s Startup Gets National Recognition

Our institution continues to serve as fertile soil for exciting and cutting-edge ideas. Dr. Frances Johnson, Adjunct Associate Professor of Internal Medicine, and Dr. Michael Schultz, Associate Professor of Radiology, will travel to Washington, D.C., to introduce their company Viewpoint Molecular Targeting on “Demo Day” at the National Council of Entrepreneurial Tech Transfer. Their company […]

FOEDRC Pilot Grants Announced

Dr. Ryan Boudreau, Assistant Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine, has been awarded one of four new grants from the Fraternal Order of Eagles Diabetes Research Center. These FOEDRC pilot and feasibility grants are awarded to innovative projects approaching diabetes research from new directions. These grants can both help an investigator just beginning his or her career […]

New Professor Reception

Late last month, the Carver College of Medicine hosted a ceremony to honor those faculty members who have been recently promoted to Professor. Nine departments, their chairs, and Dean Robillard celebrated nearly twenty members, four of whom are members of Internal Medicine. Friends and family members were also on hand to applaud their loved one’s […]

Rising to the Task

Patient satisfaction scores are on the rise in our Medicine Specialty Clinics. This is encouraging news that reflects the results of a team-based focus on improving patient care. It also provides me an opportunity to say a few words about an overlooked fact of daily life in Internal Medicine. Almost every faculty member, fellow, and […]

September 2016: Rudhir Tandon, MBBS

Anyone who has spent time with a toddler knows that an impulse toward charity is learned and rarely inherent. Clearly, Dr. Rudhir Tandon’s parents decided to instill benevolence through example. Currently in his second year of the Cardiovascular Disease Fellowship, Dr. Tandon has had plenty of opportunity throughout his life to see firsthand the needs […]