Cardiology Fellowship Graduation, 5/18/18

Kicking off graduation season, the Division of Cardiovascular Medicine hosted its annual fellows graduation celebration at the Hilton Garden Inn last Friday evening. An initial social hour and hors d’oeuvres allowed guests to catch up and introduce each other to family members and other loved ones in attendance.


Once everyone was seated, the program with an introduction from Cardiovascular Medicine Fellowship Program Director Dr. Paul Lindower. He explained that this year’s winner of the Distinguished Alumnus Award, J. Antonio G. Lopez, MD, would not be in attendance that evening as he had recently returned to the Iowa campus when he received one of the Carver College of Medicine’s Distinguished Alumni Awards earlier this spring.

Dr. Rajan Sah then presented the Paul Neuhauser Award to Dr. Rami Kafa and Dr. Seun Adeola (not in attendance) and the Dr. Lyle A. and Mabel R. Baker Award to Dr. Ghanshyam Palamaner Subash Shantha. Dr. Catherine Pesek Bird then presented the award named for her father, the Dr. George Irving Pesek Humanitarian Award, to Dr. Phil Schmid. Dr. Kafa then presented the Lewis E. January Memorial Clinical Teaching Award to Dr. Schmid as well. Dr. Kafa was recognized by Dr. Lindower for his exceptional service as Chief Fellow and presented with the Kanu A. Chatterjee Award for Clinical Excellence by Division Director Dr. Barry London.

Because the Director of the Interventional Cardiology Fellowship, Dr. Phil Horwitz, was called away, he quickly recognized the two graduates under his leadership, Dr. Yohannes Bayissa and Dr. Nicole Worden. Dr. Bria Giacomino and Dr. Brodie Marthaler then presented the Fellows Roast, a lighthearted series of comments both on the graduating fellows as well as some of the faculty. They led the assembled guests in a toast to all, offering their congratulations and best hopes for the future.


Before presenting each fellow with their graduation gift and an explanation of their future plans, Dr. Lindower revealed the results of his “Two Truths and a Lie” project. Each fellow provided some photos as well as three statements, which he revealed to the audience and then asked them to guess. Each fellow then was given an opportunity to explain the more outlandish statements in their list or where the truth actually resided.


Finally, as the evening drew to a close, each fellow was given one more chance to offer warm thanks and appreciation to those faculty, staff, mentors, and colleagues whom they would miss. And, of course, one more round of group photos, soaking in their final moments together before heading their separate ways.


Congratulations to this year’s graduating fellows and to the faculty and staff for organizing such a special event.

Cardiovascular Medicine Fellowship
Hakeem Ayinde, MBChB
Aref Bin Abdulhak, MD
Kongkiat Chaikriangkrai, MD
Bria Giacomino, DO
Rami Kafa, MD
Anthony Klappa, MD
Ghanshyam Palamaner Subash Shantha, MBBS
Rudhir Tandon, MBBS

Interventional Fellowship
Yohannes Bayissa, MD
Nicole Worden, MD

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