Emeritus Faculty Luncheon, 5/17/19

Over the years, the University of Iowa Center for Advancement (UICA) has hosted the Internal Medicine Emeritus Faculty lunch in a variety of places, from the Levitt Center to Hancher Auditorium to the President’s Box inside Kinnick Stadium. Each location always provides the perfect backdrop for retired faculty and their guests to reconnect.

This year, the UICA chose the University of Iowa Athletics Hall of Fame for the annual event. About twenty guests had some time to inspect the three floors of Hawkeye memorabilia before sitting down to lunch. A variety of exhibits in the  commemorate a history of excellence and unforgettable moments.

The coincidence of the location was not lost on E. Dale Abel, MD, PhD, as he made his remarks of welcome. He called it “a fitting location to honor living legends who helped form the solid foundation” of the department. Abel also welcomed a few new members of the Emeritus club, noting that members with more than two and a half centuries of experience had just retired in the last year. Abel reminded this year’s guests that his door always remains open to their advice, that the department values their experience and wisdom.

Guests spent the rest of the too-brief hour catching up and reminiscing while enjoying some delicious food. Thank you to the UICA for hosting and, most important, thank you to the guests for allowing the department the opportunity to thank you for your years of work in building this department.

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