Internal Medicine Back-to-School Supply Drive Sets the Bar High

IMG_9136Earlier this week, members of Internal Medicine’s newly formed Community Engagement and Services (CES) committee delivered nearly 850 school supplies to the Iowa City Community School District (ICCSD). Donated over the course of just a few weeks, faculty and staff from every single division bought pens, backpacks, crayons, lunch boxes, paper, markers, notebooks, calculators, folders, erasers, and so much more. These new supplies will provide hundreds of Iowa City students returning to school next week with the equipment to help them succeed and reduce the financial strain on both their parents and the district. “Everything,” said one CES member Kathleen Detert, “will be used and appreciated!”

What made this year’s drive especially critical is that a non-profit that had previously provided support to ICCSD had recently dissolved. This left the district scrambling to find additional resources to provide supplies for many of its less privileged students. The timing was fortunate for the CES, though, as the newly formed group was looking for its first organized philanthropic project. Once it had been decided, members of the committee fanned out across Internal Medicine, spreading the word within their divisions, designing donation boxes for each division, and keeping an accurate count of what was received each day.

“The timing was perfect,” CES member Rethy Krishnamurthy said. “As parents in the department were shopping for their own kids, they just grabbed an extra item or two and brought it into work.” Ms. Krishnamurthy says that the committee has already settled on their next project, but are working out the logistics to make sure that it runs as successfully as this one. “It was great to come in every day and see the pile of stuff keep growing! It’s amazing what this department accomplished so quickly.”

CES team
The CES Committee (l to r): Stacy Pruter, Kathleen Detert, Hailey Hebl, Steve Mather, Kristin Smith, Trevor Jackson, Evelyn Perry, Antonio Sanchez, Jamie Paul, Jeydith Gutierrez Perez, Rodney Murphy, Rethy Krishnamurthy. (Not pictured: Megan Beasmore, Lakshmi Durairaj, Hilary Humphrey)



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  1. […] The Iowa City Community School District (ICCSD) was informed last spring that its long-time non-profit partner dedicated to school supply drives, Togather Together, had made the difficult decision to dissolve. This created a significant gap for many ICCSD families and students for whom the cost of annual school supplies is unaffordable. The Department of Internal Medicine made a significant donation to help area schools and students by donating more than 850 school supplies! The ICCSD is grateful for your generosity and thanks you on behalf of all the families that will be helped by your efforts. Read all about this drive here. […]

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