Wahls research gets $2M gift

Terry Wahls, MD, and her team were recently the recipient of a $2M gift from Dr. Howard Urnovitz to support the Wahls Therapeutic Lifestyle fund. This money will go towards Wahls’s current study, Longitudinal study of Clinically Isolated Syndrome and Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis: Dietary and lifestyle changes without drugs versus standard of care. A key question in efforts to reduce symptoms and improve quality of life for multiple sclerosis (MS) patients is whether a therapeutic lifestyle (diet, stress reduction and exercise) is inferior to disease-modifying drug treatments in terms of reducing multiple sclerosis-related symptoms, improving function and quality of life, and reducing the number of acute inflammatory lesions and loss of brain volume. This study will prospectively assess the changes in quality of life and clinical outcomes in two cohorts of patients who were recently diagnosed with clinically isolated syndrome (CIS) or relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS) to begin answering that question.

Dr. Urnovitz received his medical training at the University of Michigan in Microbiology and Immunology in 1979 and is currently the co-founder of FBB Biomed, a company that monitors the dynamics of messaging in the blood to understand the status of one’s health. Additionally, he pioneered the field of genetic liquid biopsies for cancer through Chronix Biomedical, which he founded in 1996. Dr. Urnovitz has also been working to develop new tests and diagnostic methods for viral and neurological conditions. This is his first major gift commitment to the University of Iowa.

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    1. Lilianna Totten

      This is a wonderful news and hope for many. It would be awesome to have hope for a piece of normality. In life. What one has to do to be consider in the study?

  1. Michelle Moseley

    Congratulations! I need more information on the study but I really would love to be considered.
    Again, Congratulations!

  2. Gy

    Congratulations!!!! I really hope people from Europe be able to be a part of this study! I really would love to be considered!

  3. Becky Ross

    I have a 46 year old daughter in St. Paul, MN who just found out she has MS. Is there any way she could participate in this study? I live in Iowa City.

  4. Carol Keller

    Dr Wahls-Congratulations! I have not eaten flower or sugar products in 11 years. There has been no significant change in my MIR scans since 2012. No major changes. After reading “Wahls Protocal,” last year I deleted dairy products as well and feel better than ever. Thank you for your research. Always willing to help.

  5. Lisa Kirby

    I have Sjogren’s, Hashimotos, and neuropathy, and several other disorders. I am on Social security and would love to have a chance at getting my life back. Sjogren’s has been compared to M.S. I love functional medicine. This would be my only hope, due to financial issues. Congratulations Dr. Wahls! I am 52 and feel 98 most days. God bless you! I want my strong self back again! I would pay it forward a million times. Peace and love. Lisa B. Kirby.

  6. Kathy Magliochetti

    It is amazing how many people are affected and want to join the study. This is a desease seldom talked about…. until it hits home. Thanks for your courage in finding a cure

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