UI nephrologists collaborate on new textbook

Urinalysis is one of the most common clinical tests ordered in adult and pediatric patients. However, understanding of the appropriate collection methods, analysis and interpretation of results is essential for all clinicians.

Lisa Antes, MD, clinical professor, and Lee Sanders, PhD, MD, clinical assistant professor, both in the Division of Nephrology, co-edited the recently published textbook Urine Tests: A Case-Based Guide to Clinical Evaluation and Application.

Co-edited with Victoria Sharp, MD, professor of urology and family medicine, and Gina Lockwood, MD, clinical assistant professor of pediatric urology, the book is a comprehensive resource aimed primarily at general practitioners. Using a case-based approach, readers are guided through detailed medical reasoning for ordering various tests as well as interpretation of results and next steps in clinical management. The collaborative texts draws on the expertise of urologists, nephrologists, primary care providers, and administrators.

“As a nephrologist, urine examination is a key element to kidney disease diagnosis and management. Understanding that urine tests can be practically used by more than just nephrologists, we set out to publish a comprehensive guide for the use of urine tests in clinical practice,” Sanders said.

A number of residents and fellows from various fields also contributed to the text, allowing them to not only delve more deeply into clinical topics but add to their scholarly experience. Nephrology fellow Lewis Mann, MD, is first author on a chapter on urine dipstick use for proteinuria. “Working with Dr. Antes and Dr. Sanders to write the chapter was one of the highlights of my fellowship so far. Researching, deciding what to include, and how to organize it really helped me to solidify my own understanding. It’s a topic that comes up relatively frequently in nephrology and we wanted to create a useful resource that a general practitioner could quickly refer to,” Mann said.

Other contributors include current Internal Medicine faculty members Ben Appenheimer, MD; Aubrey Chan, MD, PhD; Wendy Fiordellisi, MD; and Carly Kuehn, MD, and former resident Jeremy Steinman, MD. The book is available from Springer in e-book (individual chapters or full text) or softcover print.

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