Internal Medicine Members Recognized by Medical Students

Meaningful recognitions of teaching impact often come from the trainees and students themselves. Each year each student at each level in the Carver College of Medicine is asked to nominate and then vote for instructors who have made the most difference to them.

Because our educators measure impact one student at a time, a nomination is held in as high esteem as a win. Congratulations to the following nominated and winning members of Internal Medicine for the 2022-23 academic year!

M1/PA1 Milleman Teacher of the Year

Nominee: Amal Shibli-Rahhal, MD, MS, MME

Dr. Shibli-Rahhal embodies all the elements of a great teacher. She is kind, she places herself in her student’s shoes, she is energetic and passionate, she is knowledgeable, she is well-prepared, she is clear, she is concise, and she cares deeply about the quality of each teaching opportunity.

She consistently brings students to the table to hear their concerns and to make them feel validated in what they are advocating. Her cleverness as a teacher is matched by her empathy as a clinician and educational leader.

M2/PA2 Milleman Teacher of the Year

Winner: Manish Suneja, MD, Clinical Professor

Dr. Suneja is one of the most effective teachers I have ever encountered. He makes difficult concepts fun, engaging, and easy to learn. He always presented his material in a way that made me excited about learning medicine. He is patient, kind, and makes his students feel empowered to be great physicians. There is no one else I can think of that better deserves this award.

M3 Milleman Faculty of the Year

Winner: Andra Weber, MD

I am honored to nominate Dr. Andrea Weber for the M3 Milleman Faculty of the Year award. As my Service Distinction Track mentor and the faculty sponsor for our student organization, the Iowa Student Harm Reduction Alliance, Dr. Weber has had a profound impact on my medical education. Dr. Weber is a genuine role model and a remarkable educator. Her passion and intelligence inspired me and countless other medical students to become involved in the Iowa Harm Reduction Coalition. Dr. Weber’s presentations on harm reduction have been crucial in educating students about addiction and the importance of harm reduction principles in patient care. Personally, Dr. Weber has been an invaluable mentor, helping me navigate the complexities of being a student organization leader and balance academic, clinical, and extracurricular responsibilities. She has supported me through the highs and lows of the student organization experience, always providing guidance and encouragement. In summary, Dr. Weber’s impact on my medical education has been immeasurable. She has shown me the importance of advocating for the underserved and using my medical knowledge to make a difference. I am grateful for her mentorship, guidance, and leadership, and I believe she is more than deserving of this award.

M4 Milleman Resident of the Year

Winner: Alex Cuskey, MD

I am excited to nominate Dr. Alex Cuskey for M4 resident of the year. Alex was the senior resident while on my internal medicine sub-internship, and I worked directly with him for a month. Alex consistently went above and beyond to teach me (and other medical students on the service) concepts spanning basic physiology to how to be a team player in residency. His positive, energetic approach (while on a very difficult service) made it a joy to come to the workroom each morning. He made great efforts to involve students while on rounds and developed a teaching curriculum for us each day based on patient cases. I had one particularly challenging day on my sub-internship where I experienced a poor patient outcome. That night, Alex stayed late with me and helped me finish my work, and when we were done, he offered to drive me home and debrief how he dealt with unexpected patient outcomes during residency. He truly went above and beyond as a senior resident; I feel better prepared to tackle residency after working with him. In summary, Alex is an excited, energetic resident who constantly advocates for his juniors, colleagues, and patients. I can think of no one more highly deserving of this award.

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